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Revolutionary, Comprehensive Solution to Real-Time Visibility

Tag-N-Trac introduced its solutions, and completely revolutionized and enhanced the process by introducing ultra-low-cost, active wireless track and trace capabilities. These active labels and tags enables clients to have hassle free visibility in real time and get the all the data on a click.

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TagNTrac assists pharmaceutical and life science manufacturers at packaging site serialization with Bluetooth and Cellular connectivity solutions that enable a complete logistics Track & Trace accountability, including temperature monitoring during the entire journey.


TagNTrac enables an ultra-low-cost solution to real-time monitoring of location, tampering, drop/shock, and condition monitoring which assists in addressing counterfeiting and loss. Seamlessly integrating the tracking from Manufacturing to the last mile delivery point.


TagNTrac accelerates the ability to effectively meet FDA FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulatory requirements in the effective tracking and tracing of foods – enabling more rapid and detailed response including active temperature monitoring during the entire journey.


The Qualtrac USP

Qualtrac brings the unique and exclusive Tag N Trac solution which integrates wireless Bluetooth and Cellular technology into our labels – allowing for hands-off management of product throughout the logistics lifecycle. No scanning, digitally combined with your barcode, allowing for real-time visibility down to the product level. To know more about Tag N Trac check out www.tagntrac.com

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